Csueu Collective Bargaining Agreement

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Tariff units: the CSUEU consists of 4 negotiating units: Negotiating units/Vice-Presidents: Each of the 4 negotiating units (2, 5, 7 and 9) has a president and a vice-president. These eight people make up the majority of our negotiating team and also sit on the CSUEU board of directors. All faculties and most employees are represented by a union. There are seven unions based on the classification of workstations. Unions represent you in the California State University system through collective bargaining. Use the menu below to select another unit and view its negotiation agreement and other documents. The Board of Directors meets at least three times a year to conduct union activities. CSU Office of Chancellor 401 Golden Shore Long Beach, ACTIVIST CA: Generally, someone who is a member of the union and who is active in union activities. Can be occupied by a local or state office.

Payers: You are represented by the contract, but you did not choose to be a conscious deviant, and then you pay 0.98% of your cheque to the union, but you do not have the right to vote in union elections. California State University Employees Union (CSUEU) – Blocks 2, 5, 7 and 9Article 10 of the collective agreement: you pay 1% of your salary to the union. They have membership rights, including the right to vote in trade union elections. Article 28: Family and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave Labor Relations Representative (LRR): Our local chapter has a union collaborator assigned to our campus to help us organize events, understand problems and work on our behalf with management, etc. Our Union, CSUEU, is a member of the CSEA. The General Council (GC) is an elected body serving a three-year term for the CSEA. GC delegates are elected by each member association. The Board of Directors: The Board of Directors (BOD) is the federal governing body of our union.

The ground consists of 36 people: training in the evaluation of staff performance (CSUEU unit 2, 5, 7 and 9) (PDF) Our LRR (often pronounced „LUR“) is usually on campus once a week to handle union affairs and participate in our weekly governance meetings in our local chapter, to help answer complaints, answer questions, attend employment service meetings, local chapter etc. Our local chapter is chapter 321. Our local chapter has an eboard board consisting of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and chief steward. The chapter also includes other stewards, a communications committee, an organizing committee and other union activists. Each of the 23 campuses has a local union structure, as does the Chancery. There are a total of 24 chapter presidents, vice-presidents, chief stewards, etc. In addition, there are officials elected for state governance; And the presidents of the bargaining units and the vice-presidents. To view your union`s collective agreement, click on the corresponding link: