Vsnu Agreement

20. Dezember 2020 Aus Von ROCT

From Gruyter Information on the agreement reached with De Gruyter on www.openaccess.nl This agreement also provides access to more than 2,200 springer subscription magazines, at no additional cost to readers and users associated with an eligible affiliated institution of VSNU- KNAW. The national open access portal publishes a list of 11,000 newspaper titles subject to an open access agreement. The list shows the possibilities for (significant) discounts and is regularly updated. The list of titles is a new service, but also the result of the work in progress. No rights can be deducted from the information on the list. To request the 20% discount for publication in SAGE`s Pure Gold Access Journal, a special code is required. You can request this code from your library. The code is requested at the time of payment of the CPA. Depending on the record, the author must respond to the payment email with the code that indicates the VSNU agreement or, if the system allows, enter the code into the payment system and automatically apply the code. After publication, the discount can no longer be claimed. If your original item was filed before 1.1.2020, it can still be considered part of our previous agreement in the Netherlands. Once your article has been adopted for publication and you see the Open Access option that indicates that your APC is covered by the agreement, please select the OA option.

The publication in SAGE`s Open Access Pure Gold magazines is not included in the agreement. Instead, a 20% reduction in the cost of open access publishing is proposed. To do this, a special code is required. See „How does it work?“ below. NOTE: The maximum number of items for 2020 has been reached (4 December). OUP offers you an open access option, but the costs are no longer covered by the open access contract. You will receive an invoice for these fees. If you don`t want to, select a standard license. Click here for the working method that OUP uses on its website when open access publications maximum for 2020 are reached.

For more information, you can contact your institution`s open access contact agent. This contract reveals the Wiley Online Journals License. See also the „Change the wiley agreement online“ contract for 2020. Negotiations The renewal of the so-called „Big Deal“ agreements is an important opportunity to negotiate with publishers.