Agreement Soft Wood(4) Crossword Clue

10. September 2021 Aus Von ROCT

It was a pretty nice puzzle, but ended too fast (1*/3.5*). I didn`t have the attention of one of the synonyms used to produce the response to 3D, and I wondered if anyone born after 1970 would recognize the answer to 9d. However, I found good clues 20a and 23a and although anagrams were not abundant, there were some nice ones. Thanks to Falcon and the compiler. An easy and pleasant start to the week, with several exceptional indications, especially 6a, 10a and 19d, but my COTD is 23a, with 6d a second place. The most enjoyable puzzle, with 11a new to me, but easy to solve. Thanks to Falcon and Campbell. 1.5* / 3.5* It`s quite interesting. Normally, changes between the print edition and the online edition involve either the correction of errors or the „stuffing“ of the indication.

In this case, the process seems to be reversed, the indication having been made a little more difficult in online editing. 11a Online version: Conference maybe in Kapgebiet (4) Print version: Something orchard maybe in Cape Town (4) [reported in two comments] PEAR – a sparkling fruit hides in the last two words of the mention I`m ok thank you. I realized later that you were referring to a conference light bulb, but the note in the journal was different. Oddly enough, when I logged in this morning, few comments were posted, so it may have been noticed earlier, I always look at the previous day`s crossword puzzles to see if anyone commented during the night. Puzzle creator and film critic Kameron Austin Collins likes to put his clues on his head a bit. I don`t like it either, but it`s a great bait for a mousetrap. (And I rather liked the clue!) I reread this with my coffee early in the morning. What a pleasure it was…

Tights, primus ovens, rum, peanut butter, pot oh… Did I mention any crossword puzzles? Thank you, Big Dave. A very nice start to the week with this puzzle. No stumbling blocks and a nice solution */**** Some nice clues like 1a, 10a, 12a, 6d & 14d. My favorite 6d &14d 11a made more sense with the printed version of the index (see the notes), because the mention in the electronic version was unclear and could not analyze it. Not sure why the difference in the two versions of the index???? Can anyone enlighten me? 21d Fleshy soft mass (5) PLUMP — musical direction for softness or silence, followed by a small solid mass or „Not one“ (or „no single“) swelling is a strong way of saying „no,“ like „I couldn`t solve a single clue in my first stint through the riddle.“ 8a Script I better check (8) HANDICAP — a distinctive writing style, the self of the clue, and better or better exceed There are only three anagrams in the puzzle, and a few of them seem to me today among the best clues. So my podiums go to 13a and 9d with the Lurker on 17d. And the leading place goes to the brunette with the spread at 13a. This excellent page has enhanced my enigmatic crossword joy and has significantly improved my ability to do so. I like to read explanations, especially when I have the answer, but I don`t really understand why. I also enjoy the variety of comments. I also learned a lot about British TELEVISION, sports, geography and expressions, etc.