Spce Warrant Agreement

8. Oktober 2021 Aus Von ROCT

3.1.13 in the case of a subscribed offer, take and honour its obligations arising from a subscription contract in a usual and customary form with the songwriter managing such an offer; Includes up to 8,000,000 shares that may be issued upon the exercise of warrants issued to SCH Sponsor Corp. in connection with a private placement at the same time as SCHs` IPO and that become practicable 30 days after the closing of the transactions. Chamath Palihapitiya and Ian Osborne may be considered beneficial owners of securities held by SCH Sponsor Corp. due to their joint control over SCH Sponsor Corp. The address of SCH Sponsor Corp. is 317 University Avenue, Suite 200, Palo Alto, California 94301. Take Tuesday`s warrants. Investors could purchase an $US 18.55 warrant. If they were exercised for 11.50 $US, they would own one share of Virgin Galactic and pay a total of 30.05 $US, the US$11.50 paid to Virgin Galactic and US$18.55 to the former owner of the Warrant. The stock closed Tuesday at 32.17 $US. If investors sold the stock, it`s a profit of $2.12.

Pursuant to the previously announced subscription agreement between SCH and Boeing, Boeing acquired immediately after the execution of the transactions 1,924,402 newly issued common shares by the company for a total amount of $20.0 million. If Mr. Whitesides` employment relationship is terminated by the company without justification or by Mr. Whitesides for good reason (defined in the employment contract and qualified as dismissal), subject to its performance and the non-appeal of a general exemption from rights in favour of the company and the maintenance of the usual requirements of confidentiality and prohibition of debauchery, Mr. Whitesides added: (i) an amount equal to the sum of (a) Mr. Whitesides. Whiteside`s annual base salary, which is then in effect, and (b) its target annual bonus amount; and (ii) the continuation of health insurance for 12 months from the date of termination. Pursuant to the previously announced subscription agreement, Boeing acquired 1,924,402 newly issued common shares by the company in exchange for a total amount of $20.0 million; see the section of the proxy statement/prospectus from page 13 entitled Summary of proxy statement/prospectus agreementsBoeing Subscription Agreement and Nonreregistered Sales of Equity Securities in point 3.02 of this report. .

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